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Privacy Policy

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Shiprocket MENA | Privacy Policy

Shiprocket is a limited liability company. (“We” or “Our” or “Us” or “Company”) provide various technology-related services/platforms under the brand name Shiprocket.

This Privacy Policy applies to the following website: www.shiprocket.ae (“Shiprocket Middle East Website” or “Website”) operated by Shiprocket.

By using www.shiprocket.ae & app.shiprocket.ae, the users are agreeing to use our Privacy Policy in accordance with the applicable regulations and Sharia’a principles in the Middle East region. Our Privacy Policy is in accordance with the following personal data protection Regulations applicable in the MENA region:

  1. National data governance Interim regulations;
  2. The main principles and general rules for protecting personal data;
  3. The main principles and general rules for data sharing;
  4. Electronic Transactions Law;
  5. The Anti-Cyber Crime Law; and
  6. Cybersecurity controls and guidelines as per NCA.

The above regulations are referred to, collectively, as (the “Applicable Laws in the Middle Eastern Countries”).

We are aware of the importance of the user’s privacy and protection of his/her information. Therefore, we are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of personal information and protecting the rights of all platform visitors.

  1. Acceptance of Privacy Policy

Accessing or using any platform/tool developed by Shiprocket Middle East Website will be considered as a deemed acceptance of this policy by the User. The User agrees to be bound by the terms described herein. If the User does not agree to this policy, then he/she should not visit or use any of the services provided by the website/mobile application. You will always be able to change your choice by amending your browser settings in the future.

This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) applies to the use or access of the domain name, website www.Shiprocket.ae, mobile application and any of the platforms/tools developed by us from time to time.

The website, mobile application and platforms/tools developed are individually referred to as the “Platform”. The Platform(s) inter-alia facilitates a more comfortable form of e-commerce in relation to various technology-related services including but not limited to designing and programming special software (“Waybills creation, order management & status tracking softwares, aggregating services with multiple carriers”).

The Services would be available to such persons who have agreed to become users of the Platform (referred to as “You” or “Your” or “Yourself” or “User”, which term shall also include persons who are accessing the Platform merely as visitors or who undertakes any of the Services) in accordance with the Platform’s terms of use as may be formulated by us from time to time (“Terms of Use”).

The Privacy Policy constitutes an integral part of the agreements, terms, and conditions of use between the Platform and its merchants and users/customers.

  1. Collection of Information

We may receive and/or hold information about the User’s browsing history including the URL of the site that the User visited prior to visiting the Platform as well as the Internet Protocol (IP) address of each User’s computer (or the proxy server a User used to access the World Wide Web), the User’s computer operating system and type of web browser the User is using as well as the name of User’s ISP.

The Platform may use temporary cookies to store certain data (that is not Sensitive Personal Data or Information) that is used by us for the technical administration of the Platform, research and development, and for User administration.

In addition, we do not knowingly collect Personal Information from children; and we may, in the future, include other optional requests for information from the User through User surveys to help us customize the Platform to deliver personalized information to the User and for other purposes as mentioned herein. Such information may also be collected during surveys or contests conducted by us. Any such additional Personal Information will also be processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

  1. Collected Personal Information

“Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Data” refers to any information that relates to the User, or to any detail relating to the above as provided to or received by the Company for processing or storage. However, any data/information that is freely available or accessible in a public domain or furnished under the Applicable Laws in the Middle Eastern Countries, shall not qualify as Sensitive Personal Data or Information or Personal Information. This may include, but is not limited to, websites on which you include general information.

While using our Services, the following categories of Personal Information from the Users might be collected: Name, Language, Gender, Email address, Contact information (Phone(s) numbers, e-mail address, address (including country and ZIP/postal code), demographic information (including date of birth/age/race), password chosen by the User, geographical location, Financial account information, any of the aforesaid information pertaining to the customer/buyer of the User, and all other personally identifiable information/details as the User may share from time to time (including personally identifiable information/details of the customer/buyer of the User), hereinafter collectively referred to as “User Information”.

To avail the Services, the Users may also be required to upload/share certain documents, on the Platform and/or e-mail the same to the Company. Accordingly, the term “User Information” shall also include any such documents uploaded or otherwise provided by the Users. We may also keep records of calls received and electronic messages received as inquiries, orders, or other purposes for the purpose of administration of Services.

  1. Collection Purposes

We will retain User Information only to the extent it is necessary to provide one or more Services. By providing your information, you consent to the collection, sharing, disclosure and usage of the information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the Applicable Laws of the MENA region.

The information, which we collect, may be utilized for various business and/or regulatory purposes including, but not limited for the following purposes:

  1. Registration of the User on the Platform;
  2. Processing the User’s orders/requests and provision of various Services;
  3. Sending timely/periodical updates to the User and its customers;
  4. Completing transactions with Users effectively and billing for the products/Services provided;
  5. Technical administration and customization of the Platform;
  6. Ensuring that the Platform content is presented to the Users in an effective manner;
  7. Delivery of personalized information and target advertisements to the User;
  8. Improvement of Services, features, and functionality of the Platform;
  9. Research and development and for User administration (including conducting user surveys);
  10. For purposes of research, analysis, business intelligence, reporting and improvement/development/advancement of the Company’s business, Platform and/or the Services;
  11. Dealing with requests, enquiries, complaints or disputes, and other customer care related activities, including those arising out of the Users’ request of the Services and all other general administrative and business purposes;
  12. Communicate any changes in our Services or this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use to the Users;
  13. Verification of the identity of Users and to perform security checks to prevent frauds;
  14. Investigating, enforcing, resolving disputes, and applying our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, either ourselves or through third-party service providers; and
  15. To comply with applicable legal requirements and our various policies/terms.
  1. Disclosure and Transfer of User’s Personal Information

We may need to disclose/transfer User Personal Information to the following third parties:

  1. Government and judicial institutions/authorities, to the extent required:
    1. By the Applicable Laws in the MENA;
    2. To protect and defend the rights or property of the Company;
    3. To fight fraud and credit risk;
    4. To enforce the Company’s Terms of Use (to which this Privacy Policy is also a part); or; and
    5. When the Company, in its sole discretion, deems it necessary to protect its rights or the rights of others, all in accordance with the Applicable Laws in the MENA region;
  2. Employees and data processors or third-party vendors

    The Company may also make all User Information accessible to employees and data processors or third-party vendors only on a need-to-know basis and subject they are all in compliance with the Applicable Laws in the MENA region. All the employees and data processors or third-party vendors, who have access to, and are associated with the processing of User Information, are obliged to respect all confidentiality agreements and terms. However, the Company does not disclose information, individually labeled, or aggregated, obtained through Marketplace APIs on behalf of a User to other users or any outside parties, unless required by the Applicable Laws in the MENA region.

    Non-personally identifiable information may be disclosed to third-party ad servers, ad agencies, technology vendors and research firms to serve advertisements to the Users. The Company may also share its aggregate findings (not specific information) based on information relating to the User’s Internet use to prospective investors, strategic partners, sponsors, and others to help the growth of the Company’s business.

  3. Merger & acquisitions, change of ownership, or Shut Down

    We may also disclose or transfer User Information to a third-party as part of the reorganization or the sale of the assets or business of the Company. Any third-party, to which the Company transfers or sells its assets, will have the right to continue to use the Personal Information and/or other information that a User has provided to us in the past, or will provide in the future. We would also like to inform you that in the event of a merger with or acquisition by another company, Information may be disclosed and used by that company. That company will need to comply with all Applicable Laws in the UAE.

  1. Links to Third-Party

The links to third-party advertisements, third-party websites, or any third-party electronic communication service (referred to as “Third Party Links”), may be provided on the Platform which are operated by third parties and are not controlled by, or affiliated to, or associated with the Company, unless expressly specified on the Platform.

If you access any such Third-Party Links, we request that you review the relevant website’s privacy policy. We shall not be responsible for the policies or practices of Third-Party Links. The Platform is not responsible for services, products or contents provided by third parties, or for the policies and practices of links with third parties, as it does not control them. You do so at your own risk, and you will be subject to privacy policies and special terms and conditions related to those links with third parties. Therefore, please read the privacy policy of the respective website carefully.

  1. Security Practices and Procedures

We have implemented reasonable security practices and procedures that are commensurate with the information assets being protected and with the nature of our business. While we try our best to provide security that is commensurate with the industry’s standards, however, because of the inherent vulnerabilities of the internet, we cannot ensure or warrant complete security of all information that is being transmitted to us.

The Company adopts reasonable security practices and procedures to implement technical, operational, managerial, and physical security control measures to protect the Personal Information in its possession from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.

The Company takes adequate steps to ensure that third parties, to whom the User Information may be transferred, adopt reasonable levels of security practices and procedures to ensure security of such Information.

You hereby acknowledge that the Company is not responsible for any intercepted information sent via the Internet, and You hereby release Us from all claims arising out of or related to the use of intercepted information in any unauthorized manner.

  1. Fraud prevention and security of our platform

To protect our customers and our platform from possible attacks, we continuously monitor the all-visitor activities on our website. To this end, we use various technical measures to ensure that suspicious behavior patterns are detected at an early stage and prevented in a timely manner. To achieve this goal, several monitoring mechanisms run in parallel to prevent potential attackers from accessing our website at all. The decision-making process is automated and can have a legal effect on the person concerned or affect them in a similar way. If the automated decision-making leads to a result which you do not approve of, you can contact us at our address. In this case, each case will be individually assessed.

  1. User’s rights in relation to their personal information collected by the Company

All the information provided to the Company by a User, including Sensitive Personal Data or Information, is voluntary. The User has the right to withdraw his/her/its consent at any time, in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use, but please note that any withdrawal of consent will not be retrospective.

Users can access, modify, correct, and delete the Personal Information provided by them, which has been voluntarily given by the User and collected by the Company, in accordance with this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. However, if the User updates his/her information, the Company may keep a copy of the information which the User originally provided to the Company in its archives for User documentation herein. In case the User seeks to update or correct his/her Personal Information, the User may exercise these rights by e-mailing the Company at support.KSA@shiprocket.com and communicate the change(s) for updating the Company’s records.

In case the User does not provide his/her information or consent for the usage of Personal Information or subsequently withdraws his/her consent for the usage of the Personal Information so collected, the Company reserves the right to discontinue, in-part or in-full, the Services/associated features and benefits for which the said information was sought.

Right to review privacy policy:

You have the right to view, review and agree to the Personal Data Privacy Policy before processing your personal data.

Right to access:

You have the right to be informed which data will be stored and processed about you.

Right to rectify:

If you notice that any stored data is incorrect, you can correct it directly on your profile.

Right to erasure:

You can ask us, at any time, to delete the data we have stored about you. This will result in the deactivation of your account.

Right to data portability:

You can ask us to transmit the data stored about you in a machine-readable format to you. In this context, we will make the data available to you in an electronic format.

  1. Duration of retaining User Personal Information

The Company will retain your Personal Information for as long as needed to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected and for a reasonable period thereafter to comply with audit, contractual, technical, and legal requirements and/or to resolve any future disputes. We may retain aggregated or de-identified data indefinitely or to the extent allowed by Applicable Laws in the MENA region.

  1. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Thus, you are advised to review this page/policy periodically for any changes. Your continued usage of the Services shall constitute your acceptance of the amended/updated Privacy Policy.

  1. Global Transfer of Personal Information:

The Company may transfer your personal information to any of the Company’s affiliates or to any third parties residing in different countries in the world. By using our websites or by providing us with any personal information, where the Applicable Laws in the UAE permits, you acknowledge and agree to the transferring, processing, and storing of such information outside your country of residence where data protection standards may differ.

  1. Complaints and Grievance Redressal:

Any complaints, abuse, or concerns, with regards to content and/or comment and/or breach of these terms/Privacy Policy, shall be immediately informed to the designated Grievance Officer as mentioned below in writing or through email at support.KSA@shiprocket.com.

  1. Language:

This agreement is drafted in both English and Arabic. In case of conflict between the English and Arabic versions, the English version shall prevail.