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Shiprocket Direct Carriers

Shipa is one of the most popular shipping carriers, providing integrated services to meet sellers’ needs and professionalize their eCommerce performance.

SMI Offers sellers the best, safest, and most effective transportation methods using the latest technology to ensure the delivery of orders as quickly as possible.

Naqel Express offers a comprehensive range of advanced logistics services tailored to the needs of most industrial sectors in the Kingdom. It also provides fast and timely delivery of shipments to its destinations at minimal cost.

GLT offers the best shipping methods, schedules and prices to suit all sellers within Saudi Arabia.

Red Box provides smart parcel locker services to customers as it enables them to receive and return orders through those smart lockers available in most areas in Saudi Arabia.

Shttle offers smart lockers that provide eStores customers with a safe, fast and affordable shipping experience.

Starlinks’s ability to provide high-quality service is largely attributed to the expertise of its team and its regional heritage, & to deliver sustainable shipping products and services.

Jones Express mission is to make shipping more convenient for the seller and his customers with more domestic shipping services and reliable door to door delivery.

Beez is an innovative logistics carrier that applies the latest technology to daily shipping operations to ensure customer satisfaction.

Atheryoun is aligned with the eCommerce revolution in KSA and provide custom clearance & transportation services that meets customers’ needs.

eCommerce Platforms

Shiprocket helps Salla sellers ship their orders as fast and cost-effectively as possible to deliver remarkable experiences to customers through a seamless integration process with Shiprocket.

Shiprocket helps Shopify sellers meet customer expectations in every order with fast, affordable shipping through a seamless integration process with Shiprocket.

Shiprocket helps Woocommerce sellers grow their business by taking shipping off their plate with fast, affordable shipping for their orders through a seamless integration process with Shiprocket.

Shiprocket helps Magento sellers meet customer expectations & grow their business by shipping their orders as fast and cost-effectively as possible through a seamless integration process with Shiprocket in just a few clicks.

Shiprocket helps OpenCart sellers to ship their orders quickly and affordably through direct integration with OpenCart for a best-in-class shipping experience.

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