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Meet Shiprocket Plus – An Ultimate Shipping Solution for eCommerce Businesses

🕒 January 17, 2022 by Reham Omar - 5 min read

Faster and cheaper shipping is one of the biggest challenges faced by most eCommerce businesses. Numerous resources are wasted in inefficient shipping, including money and time. It is vital to keep your costs low when shipping across different regions, as even a small difference in shipping rates can significantly affect your net profits.

Many online stores, therefore, make every effort to select the best shipping company for their orders based on factors such as shipping rates, parcel tracking, provision of cash on delivery payment services, easy returns, and so on.

However, it is often difficult to identify a single shipping company that can serve the seller’s needs for every order he sends. Unless thorough research is done for every order to be shipped, it is impossible to meet all needs. Nevertheless, this is impossible when the number of orders to be shipped is high.

That’s why we recommend Shiprocket Plus to you – a smart shipping solution that helps online sellers send their orders quickly and efficiently at the lowest rates. It is user-friendly for online store owners who are not well-versed with shipping management methods and eCommerce logistics management.

So let’s explore more about Shiprocket Plus and understand how it can revolutionize your online business.

What is Shiprocket Plus?

Shiprocket Plus is an AI-backed shipping solution that helps you streamline your online store order shipments by providing the lowest shipping prices and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Advanced Features of Shiprocket Plus

Here are a few features of Shiprocket Plus that can benefit your business:

Ship With Multiple Couriers from One Platform

Shiprocket Plus gives you access to top shipping carriers through one platform only. You can choose a different courier for every shipment as per requirements.

Single Dashboard for a Better Order Management

Using Shiprocket Plus, you can manage all of your shipments from a single user-friendly dashboard, available in Arabic and English. You can view, monitor, and control all shipping processes.

Fast Shipping All Over the Kingdom

If you have Shiprocket Plus, you can choose the fastest shipping carrier for every shipment. Our carrier recommendation engine CORE helps you select the best carrier based on their delivery speed or shipping rates so you can offer your buyers the best shipping experience ever.

Discounted and Pre-negotiated Shipping Rates

We have already negotiated the prices with the carriers on your behalf to get access to the lowest shipping rates. Our shipping rates start from SAR19 per order. So, with Shiprocket Plus, you get the lowest shipping rates in the market. 

COD and Prepaid Fulfillment Options

Shiprocket Plus helps you fulfill all orders regardless of the method of payment. Also, in case of cash on delivery orders, we offer weekly COD remittance to your bank account to help you maintain a regular cash flow for your store.

Widen Your Reach with No boundaries 

With Shiprocket Plus, get access to a bigger market, as you get access to multiple pin codes with multiple courier partners. You can check their rates with just a single click.

Enhanced Post-Buy Delivery Experience for your Buyers

Once you ship an order using Shiprocket Plus, your buyer will receive a shipping update via SMS or email. He can also track his package through a branded tracking page that contains marketing banners for your products & Net Promoter Score. This encourages repeat purchases, and you can also collect buyers’ feedback and opinions.

Advanced Business Analytics and Reporting

With Shiprocket Plus, you will be able to reduce the number of non-delivery shipments and returns through advanced business reports and analyses within the dashboard shown by buyers’ demographic data.

How does Shiprocket Plus work?

You can ship your orders with Shiprocket Plus easily:

  1. Integrate your store with Shiprocket Plus to help the platform fetch your store’s orders for processing.
  2. Identify the most suitable shipping carrier for your order in terms of price, speed, valuation, or through customized rules for shipping carriers using our shipping carrier recommendation engine CORE.
  3. All shipping documents such as the invoice, the Manifest, and the shipping policy will automatically be generated. You can easily download them.
  4. Request pick up for the order, and the shipping carrier will pick up the order as scheduled.
  5. Your buyer will be updated on the shipment’s movement via SMS/Email.
  6. Your buyer will be able to track the shipment and share his feedback through a branded tracking page.

Here’s How You Can Start Using Shiprocket Plus

  1. Create a free Shiprocket Plus account by clicking on the link – https://app.shiprocket.sa/register
  2. Once signed up, you will be redirected to the dashboard, where you can fill in the required data.
  3. Follow instructions for seamless integration for your online store with Shiprocket.
  4. Recharge your Shiprocket wallet at a minimum of SAR 100, which you can use as shipping costs to ship your orders.
  5. Start shipping your orders and offer your customers a pleasant order fulfillment experience.


Now that you know about the perfect solution to all your shipping hassles, sign up now and start using Shiprocket Plus today to ship your orders smoothly, quickly, and at the lowest price.

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